Clinical Trials

The Memory Program provides patients with opportunities to take part in clinical trials for new medications and other treatments for preventing, curing or improving loss of memory. Participants who qualify for these scientific research studies receive the following:

  • Full medical examination and assessment
  • Regular checkups with our experienced physicians
  • Access to the latest treatments – sometimes for long periods of time even after the clinical trial is over

Also, participants in clinical trials help advance medical research and find new ways to prevent, halt and restore memory loss.

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Clinical Trials at The UM Memory Program

About Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial?
A clinical trial involves research using volunteer participants that is designed to add to medical knowledge. By participating in a study, you can help our researchers learn more about treating memory loss and improving an individual’s quality of life.

Every drug that doctors prescribe is first tested and then proven effective in a clinical trial. At the UM Memory Program we are committed to develop new treatments for memory loss. We work with leaders from all over the country in programs aimed at solving the problems of dementia. Our goal is to find the right treatment to improve, prevent or cure memory loss. Patients who participate in these clinical trials have the opportunity to test the latest memory loss therapies.

What are the benefits?
As a participant you have access to our UHealth medical team throughout the study. You may also be eligible for further services after the study is over.

Will I know the purpose of the study?
Yes. Our team will explain exactly what the study is designed to do and what your role would be, if you are accepted to take part.

Are clinical trials safe?
Safety is always a top priority, and any clinical trial must be approved by our Institutional Review Board, a team of doctors, experts and members of the community. We want to be sure that the study will be safe for participants and help researchers  learn more about memory loss.

How can I enroll?
All clinical trials have certain requirements for participation, so not every patient is eligible to enroll. However, new clinical trials begin frequently, we encourage individuals to stay in touch with our program.

Where can I learn more about clinical trials?
The U.S. government has extensive information on its Clinical Trials website.