The Pavilion, directed by Dr. Philip D. Harvey and Dr. Sara J. Czaja, faculty at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, offers state-of-the art, comprehensive cognitive programs, including neuropsychological assessments, assessments of everyday living skills and a customized brain fitness training program especially tailored for YOU.

Administered by trained and certified healthcare professionals, the brain fitness training program will help improve memory, concentration, attention, and mental speed. BrainHQ, an online brain training program designed by Posit Science and the only cognitive remediation intervention being considered by the FDA for clearance as a medical device, will be used at the Pavilion.

Your personalized program, which involves performing structured exercises such as remembering words and sorting objects, includes two 45-minute sessions a week at the Pavilion, as well as home exercises.

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Location: 1695 NW 9th Ave, Suite 3202, Miami FL 33136

Brain Fitness Pavilion Flyer (PDF)